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Iqra Quran Center is an Online Quran tajweed Tutoring Academy, a leading and exclusive Online Quran Teaching & Home Quran learning Academy from Bahawalpur, Pakistan provides one to one Online Quran Classes Plus Basic Islamic Teachings to all individuals ranging from the age of 4 to 70.

Learn Quran Online At Iqra Quran Center

Today, Learning Arabic and reciting the Holy Quran perfectly is a hard job itself. IQRA Quran Center was started to offer Learn Online Quran Teaching via an interactive internet environment. The aim is to provide learners an option to not just understand the language but to complete excel to it. Yet pure excellence can just be accessed through usual practice that sets into an active life style. Our enormous knowledge, excelent mentors provide this teaching via personalized, one on one, online classes that are very suitable for everyone, including some of the best learn Quran online classes for adults and kids.
Why learn Holy Quran is Very Important?
As a Muslim, it’s a deep belief of each and every Muslim that Holy Quran is the last Holy Book. It’s full code of conduct. It’s necessary for all Muslim to learn its recitation, to learn the meaning of the Quran, and to learn its interpretation.
Holy Prophet PBUH (Peace Be upon Him) said:
The best of you is he/she who learned the Holy Book (Quran) and taught it to others! (BUKHARI SHAREEF)|
Why learn Quran online is the best option?
To learn Holy Quran online is a new concept, as it’s one of the dynamic distance learning equipment to learn how to recite Holy Book. It’s more effective than face to face Quran learning. At iqraqurancenter.com we offer a tool for visual and voice communication, which makes an interactive one on learning session which makes the holy Quran learning process much better than the life in a teacher.
Especially, it’s extremely interesting for your kids and adults to start to learn Quran online; how to recite Holy Quran online. Our Online tutors or online Quran teacher gives extremely fine instruction on the laws of TAJWEED and helps you and children to read the Quran with extremely interesting way.

How to Start Learning Quran Online Instantly

With iqraqurancenter.com you can start the Online Quran learning procedure rapidly without any delay. Entire you’ve to start the procedure is:

  • A computer or Laptop with access to the internet
  • A tool, which our professionals will help you to install and correctly configure
  • Headphone and Microphone
  • A Skype ID
  • An electronic version of Holy Quran
    Just have this simply available equipment presented, and you can start learning the Holy Quran right away.
    Engaging, Interesting and Efficient Learn Quran Online Classes on Skype at iqraqurancenter
    Advanced technology has given us a fresh and far reaching way of teaching the lessons and verses of the Holy Quran to studies of Islam entire over the Globe. Presently, our online teachers help students in several countries, and Holly Quran lessons for children are just one of our specialties. We can teach the Holy Quran with TAJWEED to learners of almost any age (4 to 70), and just there’re many advantages associated with learning as a kid does not mean it is ever too late to begin embracing the Holy Quran’s teaching.
    Our online learn Quran lessons are accessible to all because:
    We employ online holy Quran teachers (males and Females) that speaks a range of Languages
    We offer lessons online to make them reachable to students across the world
    We offer a 3-days trial period so that you can test our online Quran learning services before parting with any money.
    We’ve experienced in teaching students at the whole level of understanding.
    Advantages of learning Quran:
    There’re some main benefits of Online learning Quran described by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • Quran is Advice:
    Holy Quran provides guidance to everybody who strives to learn it. As Allah says in Holy Book, verily, in this (Holy Quran) advice for entire who’ve sight. (Al Quran). Everybody who tries to learn the Quran’s meanings by doing consideration in it he can simply know and learn its teachings and it’s complete of advice and guidance.
  • Boosts the virtues:
    The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
    “When someone recites the Quran, he gets 10 virtues write down for him beside every letter.”
    This shows that we can get more and more virtues by reciting just a few verses of the Quran.
  • Source of eliminating Rust of Hearts :
    Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:
    Certainly, the heart obtains rusted like metal obtains when the water flow goes above it. The public asked, how can feelings be cleaned? Holy Prophet replied, to keep in mind death in profusion and to recite the Quran. (MISHKAT)
    Another place the Holy Prophet PBUH said:
    That chest which doesn’t have any Holy Quran in it like an abandoned Home! (DARMI, TIRMIZI)
    At another place, The Holy Prophet PBUH said:
    Read Holy Quran when your heart feels pure affection and attachment and when your heart turns out to be bored stand-up that stops reciting the Holy Quran. (SAHEEH MUSLIM and BUKHARI)
    Best example:
    The Holy Prophet PBUH said:
    Learn the Holy Quran and read it just because whoever learned the Holy Quran and read it and did QAYAM with it’s like a bag full with Musk is he didn’t do QIYAMUL LAYL is like a bag which is full with Musk and its mouth has been covered. (IBN-E-MAJAH, NISAEE, and TIRMIZI)
  • To maximize DARAJAAT in heaven:
    The Holy Prophet PBUH said:
    The one who has memorized the Holy Quran will be told to read and climb and recite with clear and different recitation (TARTEEL) like you applied to read with TARTEEL in the Dunya; your location will be somewhere you recite your final lines. (BAHAR-E-SHARIAT). Certainly each one why will study and recite Holy Quran he’ll get more and more DARJAAT in Heaven.
    You’ll find a lot of online Quran learning teaching services providers; though there’re certain reasons, unique features and highly qualified teachers make IQRA Quran Center different and unique from all the other service providers online. If you’re looking for Holy Quran teacher online, whether it is for yourself or your kids, you need not look any further than iqraqurancenter.

“and undoubtely, we made the Quran easy for remembering. Is there then any one to remember?”(AlQuran)

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